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  • newHow to Create Multiple Google Contacts at Once
    Google has quietly reinstated the ability to batch-create and import multiple contacts to your Google account at once. This time-saving feature was removed when Google began switching its mobile and w…
    - 4 hours ago 26 Feb 20, 9:30pm -
  • newHow Bernie Sanders Plans to Pay for Everything
    Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has spent the past several months promising to cancel student debt, provide Medicare for everyone, and stave off climate change. But pundits and fellow candidates…
    - 4 hours ago 26 Feb 20, 9:00pm -
  • newHow to Fix the Gmail Bug That Won't Let You Empty Trash and Spam
    Even though my inbox is unwieldy, I try my best to keep it as clean and as organized as I can. That includes taking some time to ditch old emails with gigantic attachments, and then clearing out my tr…
    - 5 hours ago 26 Feb 20, 8:30pm -
  • The Potato Skin Casserole Is a Cheesy Masterpiece
    Potato skins are the weighted blankets of the food world—warm, comforting, and just heavy enough. And yet, we seem to have forgotten the appetizer that propelled TGI Friday’s into the national con…
    - 5 hours ago 26 Feb 20, 8:00pm -
  • How To Use Your Handbrake To Improve Your Winter Driving
    Coming from Texas and now living in the northeast, I am perpetually in awe watching my Canadian husband maneuver a vehicle in winter weather. In the midst of a snowstorm a few weeks back, he busted ou…
    - 6 hours ago 26 Feb 20, 7:55pm -
  • What Is 'USB Fast Charging' and Why Does It Matter for Your Smartphone?
    You might have seen that Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra are the first smartphones to receive “fast charging” certification from the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF). Many smar…
    - 6 hours ago 26 Feb 20, 7:30pm -
  • How to Help Your Kids Build Self-Esteem
    Your child really is a special, fantastic little human. They’re an incredibly poised dancer or outgoing in a way you could never be or gifted in math. You know your kids are great; you just want to…
    - 6 hours ago 26 Feb 20, 7:00pm -
  • Have A Skincare Spa Day With Anjou Dead Sea Mud Mask
    Anjou Dead Sea Mud Mask | $10 | Amazon | Promo code KINJAA9XRead more...
    - 7 hours ago 26 Feb 20, 6:10pm -
  • How to Pack a 'Go Bag' for Emergency Evacuations
    If you don’t live in an area prone to natural disasters, you may think it could never happen to you—but unfortunately, that’s not the case. A few years ago, a fire sparked on a tiny trail on the…
    - 8 hours ago 26 Feb 20, 5:37pm -
  • How to Be More Patient
    I’ll be the first to say that patience is not my virtue. I move quickly through the world, and I often expect everyone else to be just as proactive and efficient—whether that means responding to e…
    - 8 hours ago 26 Feb 20, 5:30pm -
  • These Lowkey $299 Indochino Suits Are Tailored to You and Your Budget [Exclusive]
    Select Indochino Suits | $299 | Promo code KINJA19
    - 8 hours ago 26 Feb 20, 5:10pm -
  • Five Clever Ways to Store and Display an Eyewear Collection
    I should not admit this, but I’m going to admit this: I, personally, have way too many pairs of sunglasses. The problem is that I love and wear them all and I have no intention of reducing my collec…
    - 8 hours ago 26 Feb 20, 5:00pm -
  • Make a Lil' Chicken Soup in Your Instant Pot
    One of the main complaints I’ve heard about the Instant Pot is that it makes so much food. If you are part of a nuclear family unit, this is never a problem, but an overabundance of food can create…
    - 8 hours ago 26 Feb 20, 5:00pm -
  • How to Get the Benefits of a Boutique Fitness Class for Free
    Ads for fitness classes make a lot of promises. You and your super-attractive classmates will become great friends by doing early-morning workouts that are incredibly intense but also fun. Your athlei…
    - 9 hours ago 26 Feb 20, 4:30pm -
  • The Best Mac Screensaver for Apple Devotees
    One bit of joy from Apple’s October 2018 announcement—beyond USB-C finally arriving on the iPad Pro—was the way Apple handled the event invitations. Every single invitation Apple sent out had a…
    - 9 hours ago 26 Feb 20, 4:00pm -


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