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  • Life skills and inflation!
    As a parent one very important thing we need to do is to ensure that our kids know what are the things that they ought to know. While the education systems gives them some skills the following are sur…
    - 13 days ago 10 Jan 21, 12:12am -
  • EMI traps created by Parents

    - 14 days ago 9 Jan 21, 5:19am -
  • Discipline and Investing!
    How many times you hear people say “Meditation has changed my life” or “Running has changed my life”. Is it true that meditation, running, cycling or going to a gym can change your life? Well…
    - 18 days ago 4 Jan 21, 10:25pm -
  • Parents and Money!
    Handling a single parent is not easy, especially if they are suspicious or vengeful. Here read this…and then watch the video. I am sure that there are many many solutions…I have suggested one such…
    - 22 days ago 31 Dec 20, 11:21pm -
  • Investing: Art or Science?
    Most of us would make money (or lose money) based on buying some share. Let’s say you see the end of Covid-19 scare and bet your money on Indigo and buy the share at Rs. 1400 and in a few days’ ti…
    - 39 days ago 15 Dec 20, 3:12am -
  • Some Wealth and Life Gyaan
    I have some life and wealth gyaan which do not really fit in anywhere, hence a separate post…. Wealth is a Mindset – not a sum of money! I met a taxi-driver who knew that the next way to break int…
    - 56 days ago 28 Nov 20, 5:29am -
  • Retire Rich: Discount sale! Retire Rich: Invest Rs.40 A Day : New Editionby Cloudtail IndiaLearn more:…
    - 61 days ago 22 Nov 20, 10:25pm -
  • House buying Rule: 3/20/30/40!
    So you want to buy a house? I had done such a post long ago. Here is a formula which I have arrived after a long time as a finance professional. Most of these rules were part of the mortgage business…
    - 65 days ago 19 Nov 20, 12:00am -
  • Stupid Retirement Advice
    If you switch on any YouTube video, or channel or even a blog by a financial service professional you get “Retirement advice”. Let us separate the wheat from the chaff. To start planning for Retir…
    - 91 days ago 23 Oct 20, 1:02pm -
  • Liquidity Risk?
    Are you worried about Liquidity Risk on your portfolio? Have you been spoilt by a market which did not crash much even though the pandemic is taking its toll on the economy? On Thursday of last week,…
    - 14 Oct 20, 5:56am -



  • ESG Mutual Funds in India – Should you invest?
    ESG Mutual Funds – ESG investing is a new trend. It is a globally accepted concept. ESG investing means considering Environmental, Social, and Governance factors while evaluating an investment. The…
    - 1 day ago 21 Jan 21, 4:19pm -
  • Doorstep Banking SBI and other Banks – How to Register?
    Doorstep banking means banking at your door step. When you avail this facility, the bank representative will visit at your home or business place to provide banking facilities. Doorstep banking is bec…
    - 3 days ago 19 Jan 21, 4:24pm -
  • 10 Healthcare Business ideas in India
    Do want to start a healthcare business? If yes, you are at the right place in this post I will share 10 healthcare business ideas in India. Healthcare is the most promising sector both in terms of mak…
    - 6 days ago 16 Jan 21, 2:36pm -
  • Budget 2021-22 – Expectations of Common man
    Union budget 2021-22 –  The budget 2021-22 would be an important event for the common man. Budget will be presented in the parliamentary session on 1st Feb, 2021. This year Indian economy is going…
    - 9 days ago 14 Jan 21, 7:37am -
  • Gold Price History 50 Years – Why you should invest in Gold?
    Gold a yellow shining material is considered a safe haven for investment. Gold is valuable & reliable metal for investment. Gold consistently gives better returns to investors. In the year 2020, gold…
    - 10 days ago 12 Jan 21, 4:39pm -
  • Best ELSS 2021 – Top ELSS Funds for Investment in 2021-Up to 35% Return
    Best ELSS 2021 –  It’s the beginning of the new year 2021 and we have entered the last quarter (3 months) of the financial year. You might have completed tax planning and investment exercises. If…
    - 13 days ago 10 Jan 21, 7:41am -
  • Standard Home Insurance – Bharat Griha Raksha
    Bharat Griha Raksha – Bharat Griha Raksha is new initiative by IRDIA. After launching standard term insurance and health insurance policy, Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IR…
    - 15 days ago 7 Jan 21, 3:31pm -
  • Upcoming IPO 2021 – Latest IPO in India
    Upcoming IPO – IPO stands for Initial Public Offer. For the business expansion company requires a lot of money. The company either invests money from surplus cash or opt for issuing stock (shares) t…
    - 17 days ago 5 Jan 21, 4:40pm -
  • 21 Top Stocks 2021 by Brokerage Houses
    Stocks 2021 – Most investors want to have a stock portfolio that is full of the best-performing stocks. But it may not be easy to find good stock for investment by self. More than 3000 stocks are tr…
    - 20 days ago 3 Jan 21, 4:10am -
  • Consistent Performer Stocks of 5 Years (2016-2020)
    Stocks that are consistently performing and giving good returns are known as consistent performer stocks. These stocks give positive returns to investor every year. In the other word these stocks are…
    - 22 days ago 31 Dec 20, 4:18pm -

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  • 5 Top Tips for Selling on Amazon
    Amazon is one of the biggest retail markets in the world and continues to grow at outstanding rates. In fact, today, the majority of people who have an account take advantage of Prime services, as rec…
    - 4 days ago 19 Jan 21, 12:40am -
  • Killer Lending Apps: How do these Apps work? What is RBI doing?
    At least 5 suicides in Telangana and one in Delhi, have been linked to extreme harassment over failure to repay loans disbursed by instant loan apps. Such loan apps which can easily be downloaded from…
    - 6 days ago 16 Jan 21, 10:03am -
  • Should You Worry About Capital Gains Tax Associated with ULIPs?
    Tax planning is a significant component of financial planning. However, many taxpayers leave it to the last-minute priorities, which is not the right way to do it. One of the crucial steps of careful…
    - 9 days ago 14 Jan 21, 3:20am -
  • What is ESG Investing, ESG Mutual Funds, ESG Index
    ESG investing or Sustainable investing refers to investing in companies that meet high environmental, social, and governance standards. For example, companies that deal with Alcohol, tobacco, gambling…
    - 12 days ago 10 Jan 21, 2:58pm -
  • What is Small case? How is it different from Mutual Funds? Should you invest
    One invests in the stock market either by buying individual stocks or equity mutual funds or exchange-traded funds. Now investors can use smallcase to buy a portfolio of stocks, built around a theme,…
    - 24 days ago 30 Dec 20, 2:49am -