IBNLive removed from the RSS listing

Ibnlive.com is the website of one of the most popular english news channels in India and managed by Network 18. They have recently moved to a new beta design. While the beta design introduced new share buttons for pinterest, tumblr etc, the rss feeds seem to be broken.

http://www.ibnlive.com/rss/ does not list any feeds and even feedburner is not able to find the relevant items. This is baffling especially considering that email is still the most preferred medium to engage your potential audience. RSS feeds provide that mechanism to any website to get in to the inbox of their audience and connect with them. The social media obsession seems to have taken a toll on the implementation of an RSS feed on ibnlive.com. I have removed their newzcone listing on the front page but would be more than happy to put it back once they fix it.

Incidentally timesofindia.com now gets the pole position on the front page in their place! Happy NewzConing.